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company news about How to use non-metallic ore magnetic separator properly?

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Company News
How to use non-metallic ore magnetic separator properly?
Latest company news about How to use non-metallic ore magnetic separator properly?

I. Daily use shall be in accordance with the following regulations.
1. Pre-operational inspection.
1.1 Whether the surface contact between the discharge scraper and the cylinder is normal.
1.2 Appropriate quantity of oil in bearings and reducers.
1.3 Looseness of bolts.
1.4 the power supply is faulty.
1.5 Whether there are any objects in the tank that prevent the operation.

2. After normal inspection, operate in accordance with the following procedures.
2.1 Turning on the power to operate the equipment.
2.2 Feed the ore in small quantities and then feed the ore at full load when normal.
2.3 When stopping, stop feeding ore first, drain the minerals cleanly and then stop.


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II. Maintenance
1. The surface of the roller is forbidden to be bumped or hit, so the wear of the magnetic cylinder skin should be checked frequently. When the depth of wear of the outer cylinder skin exceeds 1mm, it should be replaced immediately.
2. To reduce the wear and tear, frequently clean up the iron chips adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic roller, as too much iron chips will cause great resistance and seriously affect the magnetic separation effect.
3. It is forbidden for ferromagnetic objects (above 1mm) to approach the surface of the magnetic roller to avoid damage to the equipment. Larger iron adsorbed to the roller may not be able to take down.
4. Check the fixing screws of each part frequently to avoid equipment failure caused by loosening.
5. Magnetic cards, mobile phones, watches and other easily magnetized objects should not be close to the magnetic roller.

In order to ensure the magnetic field strength of the permanent magnet magnetic system is not weakened, in the process of storing the magnetic separator, it should be: 1) kept away from the interference of external strong magnetic field; 2) the magnetic system is not subject to strong impact; 3) do not disassemble the drum; 4) do not store the magnetic separator in the place where the temperature is too high or too low.



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