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company news about A brief analysis of kaolin iron removal process

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Company News
A brief analysis of kaolin iron removal process
Latest company news about A brief analysis of kaolin iron removal process


  The difficulty of kaolin iron removal process is that

kaolin has a fine particle size, so it is difficult to recover

the iron ore containing fine particles. Therefore,

the iron removal operation should maintain a high pulp concentration,

and the magnetic separation equipment should choose to

use a high gradient magnetic separator, so as to ensure

the adsorption and recovery of iron ore containing weak magnetism.


    Kaolinite processing and iron removal operations, the use of acid leaching,

reduction and magnetic separation operations, should be based on

the different needs of processing operations, magnetic separation operation

has the advantages of large processing capacity, simple process, so it is widely used.
With the development of industry, kaolinite has been widely used in industry,

and the application of kaolinite iron removal equipment has also increased,

occupying an important position in the market of mineral processing equipment industry.
Kaolin is an essential mineral material for dozens of industries such as papermaking,

ceramics, rubber, chemicals, coatings, medicine and national defense.
Kaolin is widely used in paper industry.

There are two main areas, one is the fillers used in the papermaking (or copying) process,

and the other is the pigments used in the surface coating process.


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      Kaolin iron removal equipment is a kind of strong magnetic separation equipment,

magnetic field strength is high, the magnetic system is stable,

made of composite material ndfeb, long service life, low demagnetization.
Kaolin magnetic separator has good effect of removing iron, large processing capacity,

high recovery rate, clean dressing, stable and reliable drive system,

can significantly improve the whiteness of kaolin,

can significantly improve the sorting ability and quality.



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