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company news about RareEarths Won't See An End Of Rising This Year

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Company News
RareEarths Won't See An End Of Rising This Year
Latest company news about RareEarths Won't See An End Of Rising This Year

The rare earth permanent magnet plate market has recently been in full swing, from the news side to the benefit of product price increases, on the other hand benefit from the policy surface.

    By reviewing the recent research report found that the second half of the rare earths prices continued to be strong point of view has become the agency agreement, including, guotai junan securities made it clear that the rare earth prices this year can't see the end. And logic to prop up prices, comprehensive institutional point of view, dozen black strength continues to increase, the second half of the stockpile is expected to increase from that of the first half of the year, new energy automobile production release requirements increase magnets is three aspects, such as the second half of the rare earth prices the main reason for the stronger.

     According to the monitoring by the business society, the price of metal neodymium was 430,000 CNY/ton last Tuesday, up 40000 CNY/ton from the previous day, a 10.5% increase. The quotation of metal dysprosium was 1.8 million CNY/ton, up by 100,000 CNY/ton from the previous day and 5.88%. Domestic rare earth varieties continue to be upgraded, except for the continuous strengthening of praseodymium (praseodymium), which has different amplitudes of cerium oxide, gadolinium oxide and dysprosium. Since this month, metal neodymium, dysprosium, neodymium oxide, praseodymium oxide and praseodymium (smelting separations) have increased by 8.33% to 10.97%. In the first half of this year, the price of major rare earth prices rose between 9% and 35%, with the increase of about 26% in praseodymium oxide and a rebound in the price of rare earths.

    The other terms of policy, on July 13, learned from the ministry, the ministry issued the second batch of 2017 total production control plan, including minerals (flat) and 2016 52500 tons, smelting separation products 49925 tons (2016 to 55000 tons), minmetals group, the six companies such as chinalco, xiamen tungsten are total amount control target is presented.

    The notice reiterates that rare earth is the product of the state's total production control management, and no unit or individual shall have no plans and over-planned production. Notification rules, six rare earths group, after the province (area) industry authorities, please deliver the ministry issued on July 15 plan decomposition to related enterprises, and be submitted to the ministry of industry and information technology and the province (area) industry authorities for the record, and planning division shall not be lower.

    On the secondary market, the rare earth permanent magnet plate has a strong trend, with its strength and resources moving to a near one-year high. The industry said that in June and July, the traditional purchasing season for rare earth products was high. Some enterprises increased the purchase volume of some varieties, which resulted in the sustained strength of some varieties.

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